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Beauty Box - Arbatskaya

Closed until 10:00 AM
+7 (926) 881-11-01
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Russia, Moscow, Kalashny Lane, 7

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Ламинирование бровей за 1700р
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+7 (926) 881-11-01
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Closed until 10:00 AM
Маникюр + педикюр Luxio 3500р
Маникюр и педикюр с покрытием Luxio за 3500 руб у мастера Евгении.
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Payment by credit card
Medical pedicure
Privilege haircut
Men's nail services
Nail extension
Barber shop
Gift certificate
Price for women's haircut:600–1600 ₽
Price for men's haircut:800–1200 ₽
Cosmetology services:make-up, eyelash, eyelashes/eyebrow coloring, eyebrow correction, epilation, facial massage
Beauty services:makeup, men's haircuts, massage, women's haircuts, manicure, hair removal, conditioning treatment, children's haircuts, hair extension, eyelash, nail extension, pedicure services, eyelash laminating
Hairdressing services:hot haircut, bio-straightening, dyeing, toning, hair straightening, coloring, french braids, african braids, elamination, for child, evening hairdo, curls, ripple, hair extension, conditioning treatment, highlights, diagnosis, hairdo, cutting, biolamination, chemical straightening, ombre, nanoplastic
The cost of female classical coated manicure:990–1640 ₽
Nail procedures:female pedicure, women's manicure, male manicure, men's pedicure, permanent manicures, nail design, paraffinotherapy, children's manicure, spa manicure, hot manicure, hardware pedicure, hardware manicure, combi manicure, combi pedicure
Hair removal:sugaring, waxing
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